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Energizing and Fortifying

This line of products are made to sculpture, define and give volume to all hairstyles respecting the health of your hair. Its active ingredients sooth and soften the texture of your hair; organic silicones create a film on your hair protecting it from the damages such as: blow-drying, chemical treatments and exposure to harsh weather.

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Hergen Stressed, Color-Treated or Permed Hair Shampoo

A fortifying shampoo enriched with a base of Alfa Hydroxy derived from fruits. It helps stressed hair by restoring its strength and vitality. Its frequent use gives hair health and vibrancy.


Price: $24.95

Hergen Leave-In Conditioner for Stressed Color-Treated or Permed Hair

A treatment that deeply penetrates and rebuilds stressed hair. Thanks to its fortifying complex based on Alpha-Hydroxy derived from fruit, it gives hair strength and resistance while protecting it from everyday chemical and natural damage and preventing breakage.


Price: $26.95

Hergen Fortifying “Shock” Treatment

Forfying “Shock” Treatment. An energetic treatment for stressed hair. A combination of Amino Acids and a fruit complex of Alfa Hydroxy, greatly fortifies and gives hair vitality by improving its very structure.


Price: $49.95